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6/16/02 -

As you can see we have switched servers  to serve you better. If there is  a huge blank space on the page just ignore it , It will go away with more updates, its summer so I will be able to update more. From the site be including info on GTA 1,2,3 and vice city when it is released and updates. There is pretty much no more news on GTA3, the PC version is out but thats about it. Check out  Halo Heaven for your Halo needs. Wall papers will be available again soon but in  a smaller number.




I am so sorry that I have not updated in a long time But I have been X-TREMLY busy with school, work and what not, but i'm back! The sad thing is there is not really any news about GTA3 any more, the PC version is out and you need Deep blue to play it. Needless to say my computer cannot run it. From what I have seen it looks good. I put a link at the bottom of this page to Halo.tvheaven.com which I made a few banners for. Well my friends, This might be the end of gta3revolutions. I'm thinking of shutting down my geocities account and moving to another site under the name GTA revolutions. I will keep the same lay out and everything on the site but expand and add things for GTA1,2 & vice city.



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